Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Long overdue update

After a long bout of laziness, I decided that I need to update this blog again!
I will take a new photo of the station and post that soon as well.
I have a new 18" Laptop (Toshiba Qosmio, intel Core i7 - it rocks!), and a new Heil ProSet Elite 6 headset, footswitch, etc. This is making radio a lot more fun! I hated using the hand mic.

I have also now passed the 6500 QSO mark, and my QSL manager is up to date with all cards that had been received up to Friday 10 February 2012.

I upload my logs to LOTW about twice a week, usually just before, and just after the weekend.

I hope to take part in the ARRL DX CW contest this weekend. According to the LOTW records, I need three more states (Delaware, Nebraska and North Dakota) confirmed on LOTW to have the Worked All States done. Hopefully I'll manage these missing states the coming weekend.

DXCC standings are currently 125 countries worked, and 91 confirmed via LOTW. Not sure how many others might have been confirmed vir mail, to my QSL manager. Keeping in mind that I don't hunt countries actively (I just get on the air and work the masses), I'm quite happy with the results.

I'll be shuffling between two sites again from the end of March, when I return from my break.

I'll spend 3 weeks at the current camp (Grid: KH27tr), then three weeks at an exloration project in Kitwe (Grid: KH47ce). At the house in Kitwe there is a 20m high tower, that I'll be able to get some antennas on. I'll be putting up a permanent 80-10m Off-centre fed Dipole, like the one I have up at my present location.

I have been given a 3 element yagi for 6m, a Spiderbeam for HF bands, and a Spiderbeam 12m push up mast. This is on it's way to Zambia, and I'll be geting them up when I get back from my next break. I land back in Zambia on 20 March. So look out for a louder signal on HF, and hopefully more activity on 6m.

I have also got a digital interface, that I'm trying to get to work for digital modes, but I'm having a bit of trouble. Things sure have changed a lot since the days of my old PK-232 MBX (RTTY only!). I'll get some help with this when I'm on break.

There you go.... now people know what's happening in Zambia again.

Have a good week playing radio.



  1. Hi Chris,
    I am also awfully close at completing a WAS on 10M with CW. I have 43 confirmed via LoTW, si I hope to work the last few during the ARRL DX CW contest this coming weekend. I guess I will spend most of my time on 10M.

    You better get that 6M3 up, the TEP season should be starting within 2 weeks from now…..

    Have FUN !

    73, Pierre ZS6A

  2. I'm glad to announce that Delaware has been confirmed via LOTW, and only two states remain!
    Hope the weekend brings some activity from Nebraska, and North Dakota.