Friday, 17 June 2011

A new Blog is born

For a while now, I've been following Pierre's Blog, and thought I should do something similar.

I have been a radio amateur since 1991, when I was first licensed as ZR6TAA, and after a 5wpm morse code test, also as ZU1TAA (All ZU's were ZU1's in those years).

In 1993, I passed my 12 word per minute morse code test with Peter Leonard (ZS5PHL) in Pinetown. Peter was a Post Office radio inspector, and also did the exam for my Marine Radio license the same afternoon. I was VERY nervous, but all went well, and a few weeks later I was on the air as ZS6RI.

I love operating as the DX station, rather than chasing the DX. I have operated with the following calls.
3DA0Z - Member of the team that took part in the 1994 CQWW contest from Swaziland.
ZS8IR - Operated from Marion Island for a year while stationed on the Island as medic.
ZK1XXP - Invited by the Dateline DX Association to be a member of the team activating the North Cook Islands.
KF6NOF - My American General Class license callsign
5H9IR - I used this call during two six month postings in Tanzania
ZD9IR - Active for a year from Gough Island, where I was medic and Team leader for the expedition.
EL8RI - Active from Liberia while working there for about 7 months.
9J2RI - This is my current callsign in north western Zambia, where I work as Senior Paramedic on one of the world's largest Copper mines.

I have enjoyed my Amateur radio hobby a lot, and hope to continue doing so for many years ahead.

I will be using this space to update all my radio friends about operation wherever I am.
I hope you will all enjoy it, and feel free to comment.


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