Monday, 02 April 2012

Back at work

Hi everyone,

I'm back in Zambia after a nice break at home.

Antenna plans here have changed again. I won't be able to erect the Spiderbeam, as the area required (minimum 10m x 10m) is too big, and I won't be able to get it up through the trees.

I might look at a Hexbeam, if finances allow later.

For now, the Off Centre Fed Dipoles are working fine.

Happy DX'ing!



  1. Hello Chris

    DE ELI 4Z5PJ

    I hope that this the the right place to send you message.
    We have 2 QSO's.One on 20M in Feb 02 2012
    And second on 15M in Feb 23 2012.
    I sent you direct QSL but received it back only with the 20M QSO.
    Can you please check what was missed?

    Best Regards & 73
    ELI 4Z5PJ

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