Wednesday, 28 November 2012

New callsign!

I have received my license here in Lesotho, and will be on the air from about 17 December as 7P8RI.

I got permission from the management here, so can now put up antennas to play radio again.


  1. Hi Chris

    will you be qrv on 6m? many of us need 7P8

    73 Josep EA3AKY

  2. I would love to open a radio station in africa, I need to learn the basics, what equipment would you recommend for a beginner who wants to start their own radio station in africa?

  3. OM Chris,

    Many of us still need 7P8 on 160. Frosty's recent operation used the Battle Creek Special 160 antenna for tx and rx....failed to have a good separate rx antenna so although we in USA sent lots of RF down, all many of us got back was a cq in our face. Could we convince you to give 160 cw a go whilst you are in 7P? Perhaps if you had the BCS it would facilitate at least the tx side. Thanks and 73 de Al, W5IZ

  4. Chris,

    I am also looking forward to a 6m QSO. I need 7P for a new country on 6m.

    I am sure there are many EU stations that might be workable in March/April next year during the TEP season.

    Enjoy the new QTH....

    73, Pierre ZS6A

  5. 7P8RI good, but where is Your QSL's for another activities? Send long time ago - both way's: direct and bureau. No any answer :(