Tuesday, 05 July 2011

Some activity again.

After a few days of watching movies and TV at night, instead of playing radio, I decided to jump to it again.
Sunday and Monday evenings were good. On Sunday I was on 10m till after 18:00Z, which surprised me. I didn't know the band stays open so late.
Last night I got onto 12m, and had my first run of stations from the USA. Quite a few west coast stations, and a few others as well.
It's a real pity that some European operators go out of their way to make life difficult for me and the USA stations, when I ask EU to QRX, and call USA only.  I'll soon start a black list again, to block these stations. Some of the Europeans cause deliberate interference (tuning, or strings of dits), others are stupid enough to keep sending their callsigns, regardless of the fact that I ask for USA / NA only!!

Here is the latest totals table. LoTW will be uploaded shortly as well.


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